Our story

Founded by a 5'4" mom for shorter parents, Popsiclo was born from the idea that maternity clothes should be stylish, innovative, comfortable, and useful. The average American woman in 2022 stands 5'4" tall and weighs about 170 lbs and yet clothing options that fit well off the shelf are limited.

Things get even trickier when the average woman gets pregnant. With a fixed height but an expanding bust and belly, good clothing solutions are even harder to find. Popsiclo makes the ultimate maternity overalls that are fun, beautiful, and expand and contract with your changing body. We create maternity clothing in which you will look and feel great!

Popsiclo CEO Carrie Trailblazer Overall Lifestyle Petite Maternity Clothing for Parents Friends Pregnancy Fashion Floral Batik

Overalls for a playful pregnancy and parenthood

Fit shorter parents (5'4" and below) and are available in a wide range of sizes

Made out of lightweight, eco-friendly fabric blends in unique prints and dyes

Created by a woman-owned small business that values quality and innovation

Designed and produced with care in California

Popsiclo core beliefs

1. Fashion should be size-inclusive. You shouldn't feel undue pressure to be a different size and shape than you are naturally. It is important to be kind to your body and patient with yourself. 

2. Looking great shouldn't be hard. We aim to make our products stress-free.

3. Colors and patterns are awesome, especially during pregnancy. What better way to express joy?

4. A few fashion staples go a long way. Our products are built to last and be versatile.

5. Green is good. We are starting with environmentally friendly fabrics and multi-stage clothes but are always looking for ways to be better.